Thursday, 24 July 2008

Napton Reservoir

Fished Napton Reservoir near Southam Warwickshire. The target was to try for some of the large crucians that live there.
I never saw any sign of a bite for the first 3 hours which was quite hard going when your staring at a tiny orange dot on the surface for that long. Luckily after some other anglers in the adjacent few pegs packed up and went, I finally managed to catch some fish right at the end of my session when I moved swims to one of their swims further along the causeway that had plenty of tench topping in it. Almost straight away after casting in I hooked into a fish that stayed deep and took line off the clutch, steadily it powered its way out towards the middle. Just when I thought I could turn it and start guiding it back in towards me, the 2lb hooklength parted above the hook! I quickly re tied a new hook directly to my 4lb mainline and finally caught one of about 2 or 3lb on the corn before the darkness enveloped me and my surroundings.

I managed another similar sized fish just before the light faded to complete darkness about 10pm. Both landed fish were females (I could tell, as they both started nagging me on the way in !). Napton is a lovely little reservoir definatly worthy of another visit, and looking at the size of the Crucians displayed on the info board in the car park, it will offer a great challenge to try to track down and catch one of those beauties.

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