Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Snakes alive !!

When your out and about fishing you sometimes get to see other wildlife apart from the fish your pursuing.  Wildlife that you probably wouldn't see otherwise,. I mean why else would you be standing by the side of a canal at stupid hours of the morning?  Sunday was just one of these occasions when I was privileged enough to see quite a rare sight, a grass snake that swam up to me and under my feet along the canal margin.

Shortly after I got treated to another sighting in the form of a small group of Muntjac deer roaming along the far bank seemingly unfazed by my presence directly opposite them, as I quickly fumbled in my bag for the camera they causally wondered along looking for tasty shoots to eat along the way.

Despite blanking and the occasional bit of drizzle it was a great morning to be up and out in the early British springtime.

Here's a little clip of the snake


  1. The wildlife is a great part of being out. Had a few snakes in my swim over the years, there seems to be plenty around here. Recent wildlife sightings for myself are deer, buzzards, sparrow hawk, mink, fox, and always see heron and kingfisher on my outings. Often fishing stops while I take in the sightings and just watch what they get up to. Certainly better than TV for me.

  2. Yes love seeing our wildlife out in its natural environment. Gotta be better than seeing it on spring watch.