Sunday, 22 January 2012

Pike .. elusive so far !

Not much to report for this year as yet, I've been out on three mornings after pike and landed one little pikelet that wasn't much bigger than the bait I was using!
I've tried the canal and a local pit twice but that has not produced as much as a run yet. I'm looking forward to the time when I can arrive after work just before dusk, and be able to get in a few mid week sessions which shouldn't be too long away now.  


On the first canal session I endured icy conditions from dawn till just before lunchtime and at one point the float was trapped by forming ice in what was the only ice free patch when I arrived.

Frozen in time..

Needless to say I suffered a blank that morning and had to pack down early to avoid a break off had I received a pick up.

This week however conditions were slightly improved except for the extreme westerly winds blasting along the canal that nearly blew the rods off their rests and me off my feet. The wind creating 4 " high waves to form along the canal more akin to those seen on a vast lake than on a narrow channel of shallow water. 

The Cov Canal Bore !

The windy conditions didn't put off this greedy little chap trying to swallow a mackerel tail, which saved another blank at least.

My visits to the local pit to try for some of the big girls that reside in its waters has been a futile effort so far.   I know they're in there I just haven't found them in feeding mood yet. An afternoon to evening session might be a better bet as they haven't seemed interested in the early mornings so far.  I'm watching the nights draw out slowly and surely and as Keith recently mentioned in his latest post, it won't be long till I can fish there after work for a hour or two at least.

Its been Bleak so far...
Spot the gravel bar !


  1. Bloody hell, I've never seen a canal do that!

    The pit will throw up a big pike, sooner or later, because they are there. I think a small wobbled roach might be a good bet?

  2. To say it was choppy would be an understatment!

    Yeah there's one with my name on it I'm sure, just gotta keep plugging away (no pun intended).

  3. That pit looks familiar Lee....

    I have yet to pick up my pike gear this year . Im not the most confident pike angler in the world so struggle for inspiration.

    Keep at it old chap.