Thursday, 29 December 2011

Pike - Not you again !

Quick session again this morning, had to be back before lunch so headed to the local river again.
I fished bread flake and crumb in the feeder for an hour at first but didn't get a single bite.
Decided to put the pike rods out again as I've not blanked for pike here yet.
Caught the same fish as last time but in the next swim 30 yards down and on the opposite side of the river.  I've not hooked one of the elusive doubles that are supposed to be in here yet ! I'll try another part of the stretch next time as I don't see the point in repeat captures of Jacks.

Nearly lost it at the net as the hooks pinged out but luckily I was quick enough and scooped her up as she flailed on the surface not aware that she was momentarily free.

Thought it would be the same one as a couple of weeks ago when the weight seemed familiar

Caught today at 8lb 11oz on sardine tail 
Caught 13/12/11 at 8lb 12oz on a 5oz roach deadbait

The markings and the two wounds between the dorsal and anal fins confirmed it.


  1. I had the same pike 3 times winter before last, twice in a day! There was no mistaking it as it had one gill hanging out, it was also the only one I caught off the stretch, think it was too ugly for a Polish dinner!

  2. Too ugly even for a chuck away BBQ ! lol

    I shall probably leave the stretch till the back end of the season, at least it'll be a scraper double by then!