Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bream pool magic

I headed out this evening to have a go on a small quiet pool that hold a number of bream and tench. It's a pool that I've fished in the past but not seriously for bream or tench for a while as the draw of bigger and better sized specimens in venues elsewhere have colluded to keep me away.  However it is still one of the loveliest natural pools that I know of, and today was no exception. With the pool to myself again I selected the most comfortable swim and took in the view.

The first fish came quickly to the worm rig, and was weighed at 4lb 8oz, then returned straight away.

4lb 8oz

Soon a steady stream of fish hit the net one after another, mostly to worm with only two to the corn rig. I had taken my keep net in case I decided to fish for rudd if the feeders were not active. I had no chance of even getting the margin pole out of the rod bag, let alone set it up. The keep net came in handy as I didn't have time to mess about weighing fish or photographing them as they were landed, so in the net they went to be sorted later.

As daylight was starting to fade quickly due to some incoming cloud, I decided to take the fish out for a group photo before it got too dark, they must have been getting a bit crowded in the keep net anyway.

5lb 13oz

After the fish were returned I went on to net another one that was the largest of the evening, it came minutes after losing another fish to a hook pull, this fish actually fought back and I was convinced it was a tench until it did the old fosby flop on the surface as it came within a couple of rod lengths of me and then was safely scooped up in my net. These last two takes (again on worm) were both viscous rips more akin to tench takes, they almost shocked me compared to the previous diddly little bobbin dances from the earlier fish.  After landing this larger 6lb fish I wondered if the bigger fish were now coming on the feed as darkness closed in?

6lb 10oz

I packed up just before it got fully dark though because I wasn't really equiped to stay out any longer (no food, drink or shelter) and some rather ominous clouds had gathered overhead threatening a downpour. I'd had my fill really anyway, but it would have been nice to have been able to carry on to see if any of the bigger girls would come out. Not sure what the upper limit is but I've heard they go bigger than the fish I landed.  Not a bad little session though with over 37lb of fish, maybe I'll try it again soon.

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