Thursday, 7 October 2010

On a lake in Autumn

After catching a new Pike pb while Zander fishing recently, I was keen to try my luck on a local lake to see if I could catch one by design.  The day had been fine but now cloud was just gathering across the sky to blanket the previously bright sunlight.  Ideal conditions I thought, the baits were cast in on float rigs and the lake was scanned for activity from any diving birds or topping fish. 

A shoal of fry erupted from the surface a few feet in front of a marginal tree, some unseen  marauder terrifying them en mass (a perch perhaps or jack pike ?). The floats remained still, aside from the occasional drift when the depth was not set for the bottom.  Various baits were tried but nothing could raise the interest of my intended target.  Perversely the cyprinids were completely on the feed, rolling Bream occasionally seen in a corner of the eye, and bubbles fizzing on the shelf of a nearby bar 40 yards out.  Scenes witnessed rarely when I'm fishing for them, funny that !

Eventually darkness fell and the lines were reeled in, baits thrown to the waiting ducks and decisions made about where to head for part two of the evenings predator session.  The Coventry or Fazeley Canal ?  The Fazeley just edging it as the drive was shorter and I had plans on a new swim.

The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, culminating in one take which happened just at the point I'd decided to take a leak !  The fish was taking line well, so that even the baitrunner had started to kick in as I got to the rod. I disengaged and lifted expecting to feel a force of some kind but there was none, the pair of single hooks missing their target yet again.   I wondered if I still had any sea hooks at home, being that little bit larger they may be better for presenting sections of or even whole baits without the point being masked or compromised in any way? Seems Jeff had already tried with some good results.

That was to be the evenings only take and soon a text from the wife tempted me home with news of fresh homemade pizza in the oven.

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