Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back to the lake again....

The day started with some last minute revision (cramming) for an economics exam !  So after spending the afternoon, among other things, desperately trying to remember what the Keynesian cross graph is trying to tell me, I finally headed to a local lake in pursuit of its Tench population.

The weather on arrival at 5:30pm was sunny and pleasant but the cool north westerly wind was still present keeping a sharp chill in the air.

I chucked a marker float around in a familiar area to see if the weed was making any impact yet.  There was nothing to worry about on that front as I had a clear area in front of me for 50 yards at least.   I picked out a level area at the top of a gentle slope rising from 7ft to 6ft and fired in 10 balls of groundbait.  On top of this I spodded in a mix of hemp, pellet, maggots and corn.

The rods were set up, one with a popped up corn and fake maggot cocktail, the other just fake corn.   I cast them out and sat back to take in the lake, checking for any topping fish.  

The next few hours were uneventful, I saw no fish and sat there adding more and more layers of clothing until I was dressed in the same outfit I had on in January !   I didn't expect to catch anything, however saying that the lake temp was 15c so there was always a chance that the odd fish may decide to feed.

As dusk arrived and it slowly but surely got darker, I started to see the odd fish show.  I packed away the non essential items leaving just the rods and net.  The air was now 2.5c on the thermometer, the water 14c.   A fish rolled over my baited area,  "give it another 10 mins" I thought.    Another fish rolled nearby and I half expected to hear an alarm scream any minute.  

The alarms remained silent and the fish still rolled on and off.   I reeled in the rods as it was time to go now (no night fishing allowed).  I'll be back next week though to try again, you have to work hard for your fish on this lake sometimes.

Pressure was 1013 hPa rising trend

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