Friday, 19 March 2010

Nearly off the mark ... but not quite

I had the day off so decided to have another attempt at catching a decent Pike before the lure of other species took my attention.   I was back on the same lake as my previous pike session and started in the same peg.    Both rods were set up and cast in, one with a float fished roach and the other with a legered smelt popped up above the weed.   Within minutes I had a lengthy drop back on the smelt rod that had the alarm singing.  I wound down but the fish must have already dropped the bait and missed the trebles, not to worry I thought it's a good sign.   I cast another smelt back out to the same position and waited for another bite to happen again !

Unsurprisingly, the new smelt lay there unmolested, I also tried drifting the float rod around, with roach, smelt and herring baits but nothing could provoke any interest.

There were two lads fishing on the southern bank, both had three float rods out each and one was spinning with another.    I never saw them have any takes all day and by 3pm they had packed up and gone.  By this time I had moved to another peg further up the north east bank with the wind in my face.  I had even less confidence here so moved back down towards the southern bank where the wind was across me leaving a calm bay infront of me.  I had both baits positioned on the margin drop off  but again couldn't raise a take.  

As last cast time arrived I decided to wobble a smelt to see if I could get lucky and annoy a Pike into swiping at it, but this was more effective at frightening the coots that were diving in the bay.    The rain had started to fall quite persistently by now and I had optomistically left my raingear in the car, so I called it a day and headed home a little bit dissapointed at blanking again.

I will be trying to record the weather conditions at the end of my blogs ( if I can remember ) which will be useful for future reference.

Weather am
air temp 12 - 13c
water am 9c

wind  - light / medium gusts  dir  s/w

Weather pm
cloudy, then rain.
Air pm 13c
water 10c

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