Thursday, 18 February 2010

Piking practice

A 'proper' pike was the aim this week.
After catching a number of jacks in recent times, I fancied the idea of catching a larger specimen, my first target to get a double. The venue I would be fishing has fish up to about 20lb, so a double should be within reach. I researched some techniques and rigs etc and converted my rods and tackle to suit. I made up some traces and bought some sea baits to try.

I arrived to the lake at dawn and selected a peg I new had some pike form and set about casting in.
The ledger rig went in first with half a herring popped up and cast over a weed bed at about 30 yards out.

Next the float rig was cast in just off the left hand margin at the bottom of the shelf, set overdepth as a float ledger rig.  Later I tried letting the bait drift just above the weed that covers alot of the bottom.

I only had a few hours available so it wasn't enough time to really explore the area or locate the fish, it was more of a test run - with the hope of a fish as a bonus. I didn't get the bonus fish but I still learnt enough about the tactics and where the fish are usually located from chatting the the baliff and a fellow casual Pike angler who had been successfull here recently. He also said he had suffered some blanks too. Although no one likes to blank it wasn't time wasted.  I hope to be back again soon for another try but I feel the rivers calling me for the end of season finale now. A nice blast of rain from the south west would be nice !

This duck found my disguarded deadbaits to it's liking

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