Saturday, 21 November 2009

Nov Sessions

I've not kept the blog up to date much lately, mainly because of a lack of anything to report, so when I have a lull like this I will just summarise the month.

11/11/09 River Dove.
I caught a small Chub on the barbel rod and a decent Dace on the float rod trotting maggots down a nice run. I thought it might be my first Grayling as it fought quite
 well on light gear darting and twisting through the flow, but was still pleased with the result - (no pic as I had a spectator and felt a bit embarrased about taking it's picture !)

                                                 The Small Chub

20/11/09 River Trent.

Today I fished the Trent near Swarkestone and blanked again. River was at NWL with tinge of colour, temp 11.5 falling to 10.5 and lots of leaves coming down.

             There were no bites at all even though the conditions seemed good ?

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