Saturday, 18 July 2009

July Dove sessions

I've had a couple more sessions on the Dove during July but the only fish to grace the net so far is a chub of 4lb 4oz. I did have one bite probably from a barbel that seemed to snag me on the take. After pulling hard to try to move the fish the rig suddenly sprang back at me minus the feeder, but with everything else perfectly intact the hook was slightly bent though.

Disappointing results so far as I feel I have worked hard for my fish.
I get the impression it's all about being there on the right day or at the right time when the fish are feeding though as catches see to be a bit sporadic from the reports on the forums. However these do seem to be improving since we have had quite a bit of rain of lately. I will keep plugging away though as I need to crack this river, I think it will all suddenly come together for me if I keep at it. ( fingers crossed)

Managed to catch a couple of minnows on pellet and hooked through the mouth (we'll kind of through the jaw and head really !!) they can give a proper bite on the rod tip when the want too !!

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