Friday, 20 February 2009

Trent Buzzards

Fished the Trent again today on a perch session, using two rods. One was set up with a small feeder the other on the float, but both had worms on the hook. The feeder rod produced a very positive run with the bobbin rising to the butt. However there was no fish on the strike, even though the worm had been savaged, it was probably just a small perch. That was the only action all session but I am still convinced there will be some big Perch here in one of these swims, its just a matter of time (and luck). I saw a pair of Buzzards circling above when I arrived at my swim, I was able to take some photo's and film them. (see video clip below)

I also spoke to a chap who was fishing downstream from me barbeling, was very friendly, and we chatted about Tench fishing and barbel stretches on the Trent and Dove. I'm already in the right area for Barbel it seems, so I will have to have a go for them again soon before the end of the season.

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