Saturday, 13 September 2008

Tench attempt at Kingsbury Millpool

2nd September 2008

Fished the "mill pool" in my favorite peg using my margin pole ( this is a peg where I first learnt to use a pole back in the early 90's )- there were plenty of frustrating tentative bites and loads of fizzing from feeding fish but none of the bites that I hit connected to any fish !! (it drives you mad)

This has happened to me here before, but I will still be back for more punishment next year to try to up the 4lb 12 oz best from this particular lake. I doubt I will ever beat my current Lake PB from here though, but I just love the challenge from this lake. I have been fishing it for over 20 years now on and off, so each good fish holds a special sense of achievement to me.

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