Monday, 4 August 2008

Catching Crucians at Kingstanding

Fished Kingstanding Pool again on my margin pole. I used a different rig this time and managed to shot and balance it quite quickly. First cast brought a scrappy 1lb tench on corn, I was then pestered by some roach for a while until the first crucian of the session arrived a few casts later.

A rain shower past over and things went dead for a while until I decided to fish closer in. This started to produce some bites again and soon a couple more roach followed. I then experienced a frustrating period of missing bites that were either too finicky or lightning fast. The crucians here are particularly light feeders meaning it was sometimes difficult to tell whether that float had actually moved or my eyes had imagined it. My float had been dotted right down so it was just the merest pin prick showing on the surface, but still the crucians were able to get away with it !! On retrieval the bait had been snaffled each time leaving me another empty hook and missed chance.

I was determined to beat my tally from last visit which meant I needed to catch more than one crucian, and this was eventually achieved just before the light was fading when I finally connected with another bite and a nice hard fighting crucian was netted.

On my last cast of the session I managed to hook another (mudpig) carp that tore off across the shallow end a the pool, snapping the hook length with little effort. It was now almost dark and definatly a good cue to pack up and go home. It had been a good taster session in preperation for the visit to Marsh Farm in Surrey that Steve and myself have planned for next week.

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